- I added the BBQ seasoning to my tacos following the recipe on the website and I found myself eating out of the pan prior to putting the beef into the taco shells!!!

Senior Airman Maroshek

- I just wanted to let you know how much we love your products! We have barbecues every weekend and your rubs have taken our feasts to another level! Your Santa Maria Style Rub on tri-tip is simply…phenomenal!

GySgt Brandon E. Crow
USMC - Oklahoma City, OK

- The Original Rub is the best seasoning I have ever tasted. I love the spicy kick and use it on damn near everything I eat. Keep making the good stuff.

John Adams
Chino, CA

- Having recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure, I have had to go to great lengths to limit my salt intake. This, sadly has resulted in the prospect of certain blandness to my diet, or so I thought. Thanks to The Rub Co.'s concentration on "flavor," with a hint of salt, I am able to bring back "taste," to my food again. Thank you!

Willamena Johnson
Memphis, TN.

- Dude, the chicken rub was great. Just enough Jack Daniels to cover the bottom of the crock pot. Rub the skinless chicken with the Chicken Rub and cook for about 7 hours on high---- wow.

Roger King

- I wanted to let you know we grilled a salmon filet last weekend. I used your blackened rub on it and it was fantastic. It really gave the salmon a great blackened taste. We all enjoyed it.

Tim Ryder
Annandale, VA

- I was cooking up some pasta last night and needed to add a little something to the ground turkey. I searched through the spice cabinet and didn't see anything I liked. I saw the Rub Co. Lemon Herb spice so I grabbed it and dumped some on the turkey, I knew that I could use the rubs for anything but this was a great surprise. It got a raving revue from everyone that had some. Goes to show that pretty much there is a Rub that will work for anything.

Ryan Clemens
Cypress, CA

- I smoked a nice tri-tip last Saturday with your Santa Maria Style rub. It turned out fantastic. The meat, the pecan smoke and the rub's garlic flavors complemented each other perfectly. I even pan-fried the leftovers on Sunday night and they were just as good as right off the smoker. Having judged KCBS BBQ competitions, I can honestly say you have a real winning product here. I'm so anxious to smoke a brisket with your Barbeque style rub. Thanks so much for the good work and please keep it up!

Nate T.
Huntington Beach, CA


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